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“I am inspired by the vast beauty that is found in nature and presenting it an unconventional way. I see rhythm and order in everything which drives my compositions and lines.”

Straus’ landscapes have a retro cubist quality, along with a dash of Yellow Submarine.
— Michael Paglia, Art Critic
Topher’s work is very beautiful. It’s creative. It’s imaginative. It’s eye capturing. You can’t help but look at his work.
— Heidi McDowell, American Mountaineering Museum
“Straus’ work is alarming with color, solid and vibrant. Each work, they first jump out at the viewer separately and then together in a cooperative relationship with one another. His subjects focus on everyday images, though envisioned through an abstract scope. Each piece seems familiar and in most cases, jarringly emotional.”
— Matthew Marchesano, Critic & Journalist
I contacted Topher and asked if he would be willing to create a work of art for me. It was wonderful and great fun working with him to create “Sea and Mist” for a very particular spot in my entry.
— Barbara Stanton, Art Collector
Straus’s large, landscape mountain parks are an abstracted look that suggests the very canyon walls and mountain peaks the center was built to extol.
— Susan Fryod, Art Critic
“I was enthralled with Topher’s series of works inspired by the National Parks and approached him about a commission. We discussed his work, the pieces that resonated the most with me, and ultimately decided to create an original work based on a very special place to me in the Rockies of Colorado and in the style of The Parks. Topher reviewed a number of photographs and worked hard to ensure he understood my connection to the place, down to my favorite time of year and even time of day. He created a beautiful piece of original work that is the centerpiece of my living room remodel. In addition to being a very talented artist, he is a great professional. He listens and communicates effectively and works quickly but with all his heart. I greatly enjoyed the process and absolutely love the piece.”
— Brian Pryor, Art Collector
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